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Φένια 15 Apr2024 0 28
The traditional decoration of Easter eggs takes on a whole new dimension with the method of marble painting. With this technique, you can create unique and impressive eggs that will stand out in your ..
Φένια 15 Apr2024 0 30
Easter is the season of creativity and renewal. It is the time when we bring traditions to life and create memories with our loved ones. This year, let's add some sparkle to these moments by creating ..
Φένια 15 Apr2024 0 34
Looking for a creative artwork to brighten up your home this Easter season? Agapi Fragiadi combines the art of decoupage with the 3D technique, creating a unique decorative egg that will bring freshne..
Φένια 09 Apr2024 0 184
As we approach Easter, our hearts are filled with joy, hope and creativity. Agapi Fragiadis instructs us how to create a beautiful candle with her box using the decoupage technique.   Let's get..
Φένια 09 Apr2024 0 175
Easter is coming up, providing the perfect chance to get inspired and create something unique. This will brighten up our festive moments with sparkle and joy. Let's indulge in the magic of creation an..
Φένια 20 Mar2024 0 502
We welcome spring with a beautiful spring wreath that will brighten up our home and our mood. Nature becomes an inspiration to bring the beauty and excitement of Spring into our every creation. With a..
Φένια 19 Feb2024 0 997
As Carnival approaches, the atmosphere is filled with colour, fantasy, and mystery. This season allows us to express our creativity through the creation of masks that transport us to a world of magic...
Φένια 13 Feb2024 0 1005
Love is a theme that has inspired and engaged artists throughout the ages. Through colours, lines and forms, art highlights the various aspects of love. Let's explore some of these iconic works of art..
Φένια 05 Feb2024 0 1100
As Carnival approaches, it's the perfect opportunity to explore your creative side and create fantastic disguises. Get inspired with four unique mask ideas using Snazaroo's favourite face & body pai..
Φένια 26 Jan2024 0 1190
Valentine's Day is the perfect time to express your love with a personal, handmade gift. Discover the beauty of handmade art by creating unique decorations. Agapi Fragiadi shows us step by step how to..
Φένια 19 Jan2024 0 2700
The Importance of Ceramics Ceramics is an art that allows artists to express themselves creatively using clay. The process is unique and offers opportunities for learning, development and creative..
Φένια 03 Jan2024 0 1491
The charm of exotic countries such as Africa, Mexico, Bali and Thailand is not limited to their natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere. Above all, the distinctive style of foreign cultures is attractiv..
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