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Payment Methods

Payment by credit-debit card

All credit / debit and prepaid cards Visa and MasterCard are accepted. We assure you that every transaction in our online store is protected by high-tech online security systems (SSL-128 bit) which in cooperation with Eurobank guarantee a completely secure trading environment. In each executed transaction, the messages exchanged with the Bank's Web Server are encrypted. Furthermore, the Bank uses additional security systems (firewalls), which control and record your access to its systems. The credit card payment system is guaranteed and secure. At no stage of the process does Art & Hobby come in contact with your credit / debit card details, such as credit card number, expiration date, etc. The relevant information with the buyer is transmitted through a protected link directly to the website of the bank that manages our transactions.
When you submit your order, Art & Hobby makes a reservation on the amount of the value of your order from your credit / debit card, but does not make any charge before ensuring availability of the products and before the order is shipped.

Payment upon receipt of the order at your place (cash on delivery)

You can pay the total amount of your order to the Courier employee during the order delivery process at your place.Cash on delivery costs extra 2.00 €.
According to the current tax provisions, receipts over € 500 (including VAT) to individuals (retail receipt) and invoices over € 500 (excluding VAT) to professionals / companies (sales invoice) should be paid ONLY by deposit / transfer in a bank account or credit / debit card.
Cash on delivery service does not apply to shipments with bulky or heavy items handled by a transport agency, as well as for shipments abroad.

Payment by bank transfer

To pay for your order you can use one of our following bank accounts.

For international transfers:


Bank Account: 0026.0328.98.020019.5038

IBAN: GR1802603280000980200195038

Account Holder: Art & Hobby Α.Ε.


Bank name: EFG Eurobank

Address: Othonos 8, Athens 105 57, Greece


Bank Account: 170-00-2320-001057

IBAN: GR3201401700170002320001057

Account Holder: Art & Hobby Α.Ε.


Bank Account: 100/471189-05

IBAN: GR2601101000000010047118905

Account Holder: Art & Hobby Α.Ε.


Bank Account: 5072-025266-349

IBAN: GR9501720720005072025266349

Account Holder: Art & Hobby Α.Ε.


Bank Account: 0000725051303351

IBAN: GR1270100000000725051303351

Account Holder: Art & Hobby Α.Ε.



Address: 18-20 Amarousiou Chalandriou Ave., Marousi 15125, Greece


Orders are shipped when the payment process is completed and the deposit receipt is received.
Please indicate your name and order number as the reason for deposit so that identification can be done easily and quickly.
You can send us the copy of the bank payment by fax at +30 210-6130624 or by mail a

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