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Love for Painting since 1935!

Dear visitors of our website,

Welcome to the webpage of Art & Hobby, a company with a history of almost a century, with a constant reference the love of fine arts and creative crafts.

The main store of our company was established in 1935 by my grandfather, Miltiadis Christeas, on Miltiadou Street, in the center of Athens. He was then also selling art supplies, but mainly building materials, as there were no specialized art shops. My grandmother, a student of the Fine Arts school, was shopping there, she met my grandfather and they got married.

The early loss of my grandfather left my grandmother, still young, alone in the store at a difficult time. With the support of her fellow painters, Aliki Christea made the big decision. He traveled to Germany, a journey that is still proudly narrates, brought to Greece colors especially for artists and created the first shop exclusively with paintings in Athens, in the magnificent building where our main store is located, on Praxitelous Street!

Three generations later, the building, its history, old furniture, posters from artist exhibitions decades ago, samples and works by old and new people who loved the store keep alive its history.

Many things have changed since then: The products, which used to be behind the counters, are now accessible to the customers, they can touch and try the materials, while special seminars are organized to inform our customers about new techniques and ideas. The variety in materials is much greater, while at the same time there is an separate crafts department for amateurs who love to create with their own hands! We have three additional stores: in Psychiko, Peristeri and Glyfada, as well as an online store that distributes in Greece and Cyprus. At the same time, a wholesale network has been established with our partner traders throughout Greece, so that quality painting and craft materials are available in every corner of the country.

What remains unchanged is our love for what we do, our commitment to quality and our respect for our customers. We distribute the strongest brands of the market, such as Liquitex, Winsor & Newton, Clairefontaine, Lefranc & Bourgeois, DerwentSnazaroo, CharbonnelHahnemuhle, Mont Marte,  Kreul, Stamperia etc. so that we can ensure for you a large variety of products, excellent quality and at the best possible prices. Above all, however, we educate and train, all the people that  work in our company regularly, so that we can serve as best we can a demanding audience of people who create and evolve.

Whether you are a professional painter, iconographer, graphic designer or student, or even if crafts is just your hobby or a means of creative relaxation and artistic expression, it is certain that you will find in our shops exactly what you need among thousands of available items!

We will be happy to welcome you in one of our physical stores, to acquaint you with our products, to share with you little secrets for their usage and various techniques or to inform you about the craft workshops that we organize . If you prefer e-communication, our facebook page provides the opportunity for direct communication with our specialized people.

Thank you very much for taking some of your valuable time to get to know us better.

With gratitude,

Panayiotis Georgountzos

Art & Hobby AE  31, Praxitelous str., Athens 105 60 2106130620 General Electronic Commercial Registry: 314601000

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